Medical Transcription

Thanks to our professional medical transcriptionists, and our user friendly online transcription system, we offer documents transcribed within 24 hours. Our trained transcriptions and editors ensure 98.5 percent accuracy.

We comply with your country’s confidentiality requirements and all data is stored securely in compliance with existing regulations.

Why use Endeavour InfoTech

  • Access to a team of highly trained transcription professionals 24 hours a day.
  • Templates customized for a physician, clinic or hospital, reducing editing for yourself or your employees
  • Easy-to-use transcription software.
  • No more worries about transcription quality, training employees or finding replacement transcriptionists.
  • No minimum volume is required from a physician or clinic.
  • No startup costs or hidden fees, and a free one week trial.

Medical Billing

Endeavour InfoTech works to ensure that insurance companies do not underpay, delay or deny claim payment to you. We offer an effective appeal method, solid contract analysis, and knowledge of appeal rights. Our services have increased collections from insurance companies by up to 35 percent.

Why use Endeavour InfoTech

  • Value for money. Our fees are collections based.
  • We offer claims auditing prior to submission, automatically increasing payment speed.
  • We verify eligibility and obtain pre-approvals prior to any patient visit.
  • Our employees are friendly and knowledgeable, capable of meeting all your clients’ needs.
  • We offer increased insight into your claims process by offering detailed monthly analysis of all transactions.
  • We can provide patients with customer service extras such as birthday cards and appointment reminders.
More information
For information about Endeavour InfoTech’s Medical Transcription and Medical Billing services, to enquire about our prices, or to proceed with a free one week trial, contact us.
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